This book is a combination of concepts, guidelines and examples intended to assist developers in the difficult process of understanding concurrency and its new tools in J2SE 5. 0. Filled with contributions from Java gurus such as Josh Bloch, David Holmes and Doug Lea, this book provides any Java programmers with the basic building blocks they need to gain a basic understanding of concurrency and its benefits. 
° Powerhouse author team with contributions from Doug Lea, Josh Bloch and David Holmes
° A practical, hands-on, example-driven guide for every working Java programmer
° Based on J2SE 5. 0 which includes many new concurrency features that make concurrency development much more accessible (and necessary)

1. Introduction
2. Thread Safety
3. Sharing Objects
4. Building Blocks
5. Task Execution
6. Cancellation and Shutdown
7. Applying Thread Pools
8. Avoiding Liveness Hazards
9. Performance and Scalability
10. Explicit Locks
11. Building Custom Synchronizers
12. Testing Concurrent Programs

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